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"Re-Igniting Waterwood"

Posted by Jack G on Jun 6, 2019 1:02:26 PM
Jack G
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Imagine it, You're back in the 70s.

Driving your '69 Chevy Corvette down the highway, jamming to the smash new hit "Ain't no mountain high enough" by Dianna Ross

Where are you going? 

Waterwood, of course!  

We've heard this story time over from REALTORS, homeowners, residents and pretty much anyone whos been in Texas a while. And honestly? Its not hard to believe. A beautiful, spacious community - on THEE Lake Livingston? Whats not to love?

Not only that, Its quiet... Waterwood isn't a dense community. Which, gives everyone who lives there breathing space. That is, it isn't a "Cookie Cutter" community - that looks like someone went overboard with copy & paste. 

So you have,

  • New homes
  • Open Community
  • Private Pool
  • By Second Largest Lake In Texas
  • 18 Hole Professional Golf Course

The community sounds expensive, let alone brand new construction right?


We're starting in the low 80s... For real homes.

This is the beauty of ASGi - Where you really see our philosophy come to life. We believe everybody should be able to afford a home, and a quality one at that! Something that you are proud to own, and love to live in. We've accomplished this in several communities, and keep running out of homes! So when we found out theres a massive unused community looking for residents by the lake? Yes please, we'll build there. 

And build there we did. Starting in March, our team was split into 3, - each led by a construction head. We were giving a random plan, and were put head-to-head to create the "Most lovable" home.

And Ohhhh boy, was it fun. Despite having 0 Competition in our price range for homes, we're a very competitive bunch. Laughs, jokes and digital sabotage from the marketing team were all part of the journey.

And in the aftermath, ASGi is PROUD to announce, its 5 brand new Show-case homes in Waterwood.

With this, we created a brand-new plan that we've never done. 

It was either going to be awful or turn out amazing.  And I'm writing about it in this post, so you can probably tell whats coming. 

Our new 1125, which we name "Mike"... Named after our now Vice President of Construction.

Check out the video of the naming, and a glimpse inside 😎



Wanna see them in person? Message us.

Wanna learn about our homes? Message us.

You're a new to this and you're TERRIFIED of owning? Message us!!!

We WANT to hold your hand through the process, and build you the home you deserve.

Starting in the 80s in Waterwood, and  yet you're still here reading me and not getting in contact? 

ASGI Homes©️


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