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Waterwood's Famous Golf Course

Posted by Melissa Hertlotz on Apr 15, 2020 8:22:13 AM
Melissa Hertlotz

Consider yourself a bit of a golfer eh?

The exclusive Waterwood community was developed in the early 1970’s, located off of Highway 190 on the shores of Lake Livingston, just bordering the northern San Jacinto County line.

In 1974 This brawling 8000 acre development introduced The Waterwood National country club and opened their doors. In its prime, recreational amenities included an 18-hole golf course, Marina, conference center, several swimming pools, and a park. But it was the national golf course that was the Main attraction.

All levels of golfers appreciated the beauty the views of Lake Livingston offered up.

Famous Hole 14 has long held the reputation of being one of the most beautiful and most difficult holes around; it was even listed on the 2009 Dallas morning news as a top 100 golf course. The par three number 14 was named one of the top 18 holes in Texas by the Dallas morning news. If you’ve ever played Waterwood national, number 14 is a hole nobody forgets. Being right on the water, it made for breathtaking views. It is a hole impossible not to love. Waterwood has hosted two national championships and the PGA qualifying school in 1981. 

People will Still bring up # 14  Saying without a doubt its by far the scariest shot in golf -the all carry 227 yards to a Clifftop made it close To impossible. But long gone are the club house lunches, dining rooms, lounge area for cocktails, conference center, bar, swimming pools tennis courts; gone are the basketball and shuffleboard courts, and the horse stables are a thing of the past, the state of the art marina with boat launch, and perfectly paved parking lots have seen better days It’s sad and yet it’s beautiful what’s happened to the Waterwood community as a whole through the love for their national golf Course.  Many residents say It’s a sad situation. Hopefully, one day it can be as good as when Horizon had it. 

During the 70’s and 80’s It Was one of the most exciting courses, with thrilling shots, including the infamous “scariest shot in golf, the loved -respected and feared 227-yard Drive to a clifftop green. 

While the course is no longer open to the public, long-time Waterwood Residents hope to revitalize the course and return it to its former glory.  Waterwood, once revered as one of the best survives because of The community. They have really stepped up. Considering they lost more than just a place to play; residents also know the value of their homes have decreased. So they Took it upon themselves  and got together and formed the Waterwood Community Alliance. They made a deal that if they maintained the course, they could keep it open. The course was badly over grown. Before they could purchase equipment, they hired an outside firm to mow the course. Some members even used their personal mowers to cut down fairways.

"It's just a great example of people who came together and said, 'We're not going to let this place die,'  That spirit resonates through Waterwood and it’s the very thing that makes this community so special and unique. 

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