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Inside Our Office!

Posted by Jack G on Mar 24, 2020 1:13:31 PM
Jack G
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Ever been curious of what it looks like inside our office? 

Well thanks to modern technology you can now take a tour around our office, without ever having to leave your Home! 

Come take a tour and make yourself at Home. We based our office off an actual Home, so that's why its so cozy 😚

Inside our cosy office we have snacks, drinks and a massage chair. I can guarantee you wont find that last one anywhere else. 

Why did we do a 3-D render of our office? First during this outbreak we want to give people the comfortable option. But we also understand it can be kinda daunting buying a Home, so if you wanna see where you're going first you can. 

We want you to feel at Home, before you buy a Home. If that makes sense. And we go to pretty long lengths to make that happen. Remember our Office is open to you 8am - 5pm. No appointments required, and we have knowledable staff that are willing to get you the information that you need. 


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