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Posted by Jack G on Jun 27, 2019 10:17:43 AM
Jack G
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Ever wonder why we have different architect styles?

Me neither but here we are.

We have them for different reasons, ranging from culture and looking pretty, to raw practicality.

But shouldn't all homes have practicality? Unless you have money to burn.. yes, they should.

But some more than others.



Well here in the LONE STAR STATE™ everything is bigger. From pancakes to land mass. Lets put it in perspective, below is a map of Scotland compared to Texas. Why Scotland? Because that's what we named our new plans after of course!

Texas Compared to Scotland




But if you're better with the words, the average cost of ONE acre in the UK (Which is what Scotland is in..) runs for about $11,000 or more.

Texas averages $3,125 and that goes down to $2,400 if you buy in the Panhandle.

So yeah, theres a lot less space in UK, and European countries in general.

Which means the homes are a lot smaller, and a lot smarter with space.  How so? One example is that the majority of homes don't have built in closets.

"But where do you put your clothes!?" ...We fold them?

Of course, some people need closets because things like Suits and coats exist..


That's why we made them options in our new plans. 


The smarter our plans, the more cost we can cut down from our houses - without cutting corners.

Why do we want to cut it down? Because everyone deserves a home, but you don't get the chance to, unless you magically have a 800 Credit score at 21 years old.

The Results?

We are able to create affordable homes with 3 beds 2 baths starting in the 90s. That works out as low as $540 a MONTH. Funny story, we actually used this in marketing because no one else can did this - But people didn't believe us and thought it was a scam or thought there was a catch. 

We also refuse to use cheap products and short-lasting items in our homes.

Since we're cant cut corners and put cheap materials like vinyl or even laminate flooring in our homes. We have to get creative. Our goal is that Everyone can afford a QUALITY Home that people ENJOY living in. And we mean a firm planted home on foundations - not a thrown together shack.

Closing thoughts? 

Maybe the Texas philosophy of "Big is better" isn't always correct.

Sometimes brains really does outclass brawn.

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