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Euro Collection Tour!

Posted by Jack G on Jul 24, 2019 9:04:16 AM
Jack G
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We did it, we hit the nail on the head.

In a previous blog post, I talked about our new European collection. Bringing European smart city living to the open flats of Texas? We must be mad.

Oh wait, we sold 3 and we've only had them out for a month, - its a fine line between genius and mad.

First Monday back, we had our quarterly company, and then we were off to the races. We toured two of 3 new plans - The Scone, and The Dundee.

And boy did they feel like home. Being Liverpool, England myself, I honestly felt like I was warped back there. Its funny because when we started talking about the layouts, I started to notice the difference in space usage in UK, compared to the US, or at least Texas.  

How so? 

Before we get started, look at this cute picture.

Here's our entire team fitting in a 805 SqFt downstairs our Dundee plan.

Just look at those red shoes.

team pic scotland


European Plan Differences

Whats the differences in your average US home and a European home? Heres some thing we picked up on. 

Dining TablesDining tables

Lets start with dining tables. From my experience, your "average Brit" doesn't use them nearly as much. We generally eat on the couch. Is that bad manners? Of course not, I always say please and thank you. Its just the culture. And when you think about it, trying to coordinate times to eat together, whether your a family, a couple, or a single person living on your own, it makes sense.

A study on Forbes™, was done October 2018 showing that families in the US aren't sitting down as much to dine. Sure the difference per year was small, but it shows how times have changed. 

We actually talked about this quite a bit, and the majority of us agreed. Why? Because when we want to sit down as a family, be it fancy or just simply spending time with them, we mostly just eat out at a restaurant.

Living Room Placementtv on wall

This isn't necessarily a European thing, but I'm including it because its a big factor in our in-genius designs.

Remember that huge dresser that your even huger TV used to sit on? Yeah, the one that needed a crane to move it?                        They are obsolete. Useless. Stop selling them Wayfair.

If you have a TV, 99.999% chance its a flat-screen. Simply because they are super cheap now, you can get a 30 inch at BestBuy for LITERALLY a $100. Slap that bad boy on the wall.. And congratulations you just opened your living room up by a few square feet.

Plus, having a TV mounted on the wall cleanly, adds a certain modern feel to your home in my opinion.  

You can leave that space open, get a ottoman for that L Shaped Couch you have, and/or add a coffee table in the middle for that nice "I'm sitting in a Lawyers office" feel.

I'm kidding, its cozy.

Washing Machine/Dryerswash

Heres a weird one.

This might seem crazy to some, but a washer in the kitchen is a massive thing in Europe. 

Why? It fits nicely in the cupboard next to the sink.

But where does your dryer go?!?

We didn't have one, we hung stuff on the washing line. This sounds weird, but I wasn't aware of tumble dryers existence till I came to America. Then again, what kinda 16 year old would of?

Do Americans dry stuff on lines as much as Europeans? From what I can tell, no. That's why we kept a utility closet in our designs. Just in case. 

If I was gonna buy a home from ASGi... (Which I'm considering... Looking at you Juan, easy sale here) I would opt for putting the Washer inside the kitchen, and buy myself a two in one washer-dryer combo.

Do they dry as fast? No.

Is a hour or so of waiting, worth the space trade-off? Probably. You'd either open up some more space, have a pantry, or a larger bathroom downstairs.

I'm not even sure if we've thought of this, or if we would do it.

But it sure is a nifty idea.

Closing Thoughts

Europeans are smarter than Americans.

I'M KIDDING, put your pitchforks down.


Anyway, saving space in Metropolitan areas is a extremely common thing, not just in Europe.

And while we might not need the designs and ideas for the same reasons, Eg, Space in Texas... We do get additional benefits from it, -Even more affordable housing.

Its not a debate, not a discussion, not an opinion. 

A mortgage to own a Home, on foundation, on land etc, starting at 550$ a month INCLUDING taxes and insurance coming from a 1000$ a month apartment.

Its a life changer.

Even if you get our higher end product, almost everything rattles down to 1000$ a month and below. Including our New 3 Bed, 2 Bath, Property Right Here

For only 750$ a month, with 0% Down too..

By now I think you've got what I'm getting at. And if not, scroll up and read it again. 

The bottom line is, we already changed lives for people with our standard "American Architecture". But being able to put someone who's on even lower income in a home, and still have a little spending money? Thats a big deal.

If you read any other articles about boring economics or this very handy difference guide between the US and Europe work ethics, you'll see the final point drives in the "enjoy life more" idea. Even if you save even 100 dollars a month on rent, you don't have to work as hard, stress as hard, live as hard.

Go take up golf or something.


With our buyers, every little bit counts. We understand that, Let us help you.

No requirements, no strings, no signings, no commitments. Lets just talk about your options.

Does not everybody deserve a home?

Book a free consultation!

With love, - ASGi Homes, July 2019.

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