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Benefits of a Spec Home

Posted by Colleen Ellison on May 26, 2020 12:57:38 PM
Colleen Ellison

What is a spec Home? How is it different?

Spec Home means "Speculative Home".

These are picked and built by the Home builder who have the know-how to strike the perfect balance between convenience and reliability. Spec Homes, or as they are often referred to, move-in-ready Homes provide stability while empowering customers to understand their Home.

Spec Homes are great if you need a Home immediately, and they give you a good feel for what the builder offers.. Rather than have to envision what a home will look like, potential buyers simply swing open the front door, walk the spec home with confidence knowing the space in which they’ll be living.

When purchasing new construction from a home builder, you generally have two options. You can select each element of your home, though this option typically lengthens the time to get in your Home. The other option is to choose a spec home like we mentioned above. With hand-picked options determined by the builder, delivering a professional looking design but without sacrificing any of your time. 


1. Affordable

One of the greatest benefits to buying a spec Home is the savings. Their affordability is based on efficiency. Quality builders like ASGi invest their time in professionally designed plans to construct sturdy, trustworthy and reliable Homes at an affordable price point, removing the potential for poor design choices. And in turn, Homeowners get peace of mind but not the premium price tag.

2. Reduced Risk

If you didn’t know, the Housing market is booming; Homes are a sound investment for the future. The danger in buying older Home’s with plans to flip it are the unforeseen costs hidden beneath the foundation and within the walls. Repairs, replacement appliances, damages, and surprise complications can quickly make a modestly priced property into an inflated investment. With legendary ASGi Homes, we are in the business of making priceless homes - affordable.

When you own any ASGi home you know its appliances, and all related components are brand new and designed with the most popular and on-trend tastes that are also budget friendly.

3. Availability

Much can be said about a Home that’s ready for you when you’re ready for it. As the market continues to grow, more & more families are looking to plant roots. But those who choose a custom build will have to wait upwards of a year before moving in.

Purchasing a new Home is exciting! Thinking of the new memories to be made in a brand new beautiful home fills people with such positivity and eagerness it blinds them to the potential problems and added expenses of their choices. Building a home with all cutting edge appliances and exorbitant extras can certainly be appealing, but when the home cost rise, savings can easily be lost and you can be left with expensive amenities that in a year will likely be outdated with new technology or trends.

4. Smart-Choice Amenities

Spec Homes come with the experience of the builder in more ways than construction. Important decisions are made by the builder during the design process, with the benefit of knowledge of what’s been popular and proven amongst past customers. This approach ensures your home has everything it needs while not breaking the bank with overpriced amenities which transform into costly expenses, and you can be left with expensive amenities that in a year will likely be outdated with new technology or trends.

The construction of a Home is a process, demanding each step be met with consistently and expertise. Improperly laid foundations will impact the pitch of the homes flooring -which impacts the swing of the doors and so-on. A consumer waiting for their custom home to be completed could spend up to a year waiting, only to find things just don’t work quite like envisioned. Turning a dream into a disappointment.

5. Browse before you Buy

When you walk through your quick move-in Home, you can try every door, test every drawer, pull open every cabinet and turn on kitchen appliances to be certain your purchase is one you are proud of.

As a potential homeowner, the ability to remove any concerns regarding design of your home means more time spent focusing on the memories soon to fill it. With affordable price points, balanced amenities, immediate availability and reduced risk, spec homes are an ideal option for Home buyers


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