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Bad Spending Habits

Posted by Bill Ellison on Mar 20, 2020 3:17:01 PM
Bill Ellison

Its the little things that count, right?

When you say "Bad Habits" some people think of drinking, smoking, maybe gambling? Sure, they can be very destructive on a lot of scenarios. And its no hidden fact that something like Gambling or smoking is a money-sink. But there's another kind of "hidden killer" right in front of you that will drain your bank account right in front of you. 

This is bad spending habits. These hurt, and even more so if you're trying to buy a car or home for example. To save for something like a car or a house, all excess spending needs to be cut for a period of time to be able to afford it.  Example below.

Going out to Lunch daily. If you're spending $7-$10 a day eating out, this excessive habit could be a huge help in debt reduction. Another item that is often "needed" is a starbuck's or some other daily pick me up. $2-$5 per day. 

Now lets tackle Smoking and drinking. Cigarettes average $5 per pack and a 6 pack of beer is about the same. Are you a daily smoker, drinker or both? As Humans, we develop habits and sometimes our habits are not great lifestyle choices. Both physically, mentally, and financially. 

Lets picture it. A Renter is "Stuck" on a hamster wheel because they are spending $1,200 per month on rent and can never get ahead. 

Monthly Breakdown

Cut out Daily Lunches and take/make a lunch - Save $100 a Month

No More Starbucks  - Another $100 a month

Stop smoking - yet another $150 a month (Yes its easier said than done, but even trying to stop saves you money.)

Buy a new home $200-$500 a month saved. 

Total savings to adjust lifestyle: $550 - $850 left over a month.